2G051 ED 10 - Volume 1 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (004) What position can 9-skill level personnel be expected to fill?
  • 2 . (023) The wartime aircraft activity report (WAAR) describes specific aircraft activity in support of current plans for
    an installation
  • 3 . (010) Who authorizes appropriately cleared couriers to hand-carry classified materials on commercial flights or other means?
    Unit commander
  • 4 . (007) Which classification process incorporates, paraphrases, restates, or generates markings that apply to the source information?
  • 5 . (005) To which organizational level do the managing base support plans (BSP) logistic planners forward limiting factors (LIMFAC)?
    Numbered Air Force (NAF)
  • 6 . (003) What form is used to document recurring support?
    Department of Defense (DD) Form 1144
  • 7 . (002) Which process facilitates the transition between execution functions of deployment and employment?
    Joint reception, staging, onward movement and integration (JRSOI)
  • 8 . (009) Which form is used to document close of day security checks to ensure classified materials are stored properly?
    Standard Form (SF) 701
  • 9 . (044) What functional responsibility related to base support and expeditionary (BAS&E) planning tool manages base support plans (BSP) and expeditionary site plans (ESP) site reviews?
    Site manager
  • 10 . (018) War reserve materiel (WRM) is packaged by
    capability unit type code (UTC)