2T357 Vol 2 EC 4 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 04

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  • 1 . 93. (216) Who normally assigns the deficiency report control number (RCN)?
    Originating point.
  • 2 . 55. (209) Which could be a consequence of crediting a vehicle with fuel consumption data that it did not use?
    Vehicle may show up for preventive maintenance and inspection (PM&I) sooner than it should.
  • 3 . 32. (206) Where will license plates be stored prior to the vehicle departing for depot?
    In the vehicle’s record’s jacket or in Fleet Management & Analysis (FM&A) if records are stored electronically
  • 4 . 46. (208) Who is the approval authority for shortening preventive maintenance and inspection intervals?
    441 Vehicle Support Chain Operations Squadron (VSCOS)
  • 5 . 44. (208) If a manufacturer established a mandatory inspection interval more stringent than Air Force guidelines and the vehicle is still under warranty, you should follow the recommendations
    of the manufacturer until warranty expires
  • 6 . 59. (211) Who must review and certify all limited technical inspections (LTI) for accuracy?
    Vehicle fleet manager/vehicle management superintendent (VFM/VMS)
  • 7 . 63. (211) What document and content are required to request approval for a major vehicle repair?
    Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) Form 91, listing only the repairs required for a safe and serviceable condition
  • 8 . 61. (211) A major vehicle repair is a repair that
    exceeds the one-time repair limit (OTRL).
  • 9 . 15. (203) Who approves cannibalization of major assemblies on critical vehicles awaiting disposition?
    441st Vehicle Support Chain Operations Squadron (VSCOS)
  • 10 . 85. (214) Special-purpose vehicles procured under Air Force specifications warranty is
    12 months