2T357 Vol 2 EC 4 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 04

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  • 1 . 11. (202) Who must approve any vehicle leases, with option to buy, before entering into an agreement?
    441st Vehicle Support Chain Operations Squadron (VSCOS)
  • 2 . The objective of the government purchase card (GPC) program is to simplify small purchasing, minimize paperwork, and
    improve cash management and internal controls
  • 3 . 26. (205) What is the main programming factor for determining vehicle management manpower requirements?
    Vehicle equivalents (VE)
  • 4 . 25. (205) Which consideration best describes vehicle management manpower?
    Positions required to do a mission
  • 5 . 18. (203) Who establishes policy regarding retention of a vehicle for reclamation purposes?
    441st Vehicle Support Chain Operations Squadron (VSCOS)
  • 6 . 73. (212) Where can you find your installation’s corrosion susceptibility rating?
    Technical Order (TO) 36–1–191
  • 7 . What document is not valid to use for contract repairs/maintenance?
    Minor maintenance work order
  • 8 . 79. (213) What report is submitted when a manufacturer refuses to make corrections under warranty?
    Action warranty report (AWR)
  • 9 . 47. (208) Which is a justification for shorter preventive maintenance and inspection (PM&I) intervals?
    Operational environment.
  • 10 . 32. (206) Where will license plates be stored prior to the vehicle departing for depot?
    In the vehicle’s record’s jacket or in Fleet Management & Analysis (FM&A) if records are stored electronically