2T357 Vol 2 EC 4 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is EC 04

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  • 1 . 63. (211) What document and content are required to request approval for a major vehicle repair?
    Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) Form 91, listing only the repairs required for a safe and serviceable condition
  • 2 . 67. (211) Vehicles shipped to other installations within the continental United States (CONUS) must have at least what percentage of their life expectancy remaining.
  • 3 . What document specifies the authorized government purchase card (GPC) spending limitation?
    Delegation of authority
  • 4 . 16. (203) How are repair costs charged if a part is cannibalized off a vehicle that belongs to a reimbursable organization?
    All costs are charged to the vehicle returned to service
  • 5 . 40. (207) How many months should a depot-rebuilt vehicle remain in replacement code S?
  • 6 . 70. (211) Who is responsible for placing a vehicle in serviceable status if it was received in unserviceable condition?
    Shipping activity
  • 7 . 41. (207) Who should you contact to find transportation costs for a vehicle shipped to a depot repair facility?
    Deployment & Distribution Flight (DDF)
  • 8 . 27. (205) What should you consider when determining how many vehicle equivalents (VE) to assign a particular vehicle?
    Different options and equipment
  • 9 . 69. (211) For newly assigned vehicles, you must complete an acceptance inspection within how many duty days?
  • 10 . 61. (211) A major vehicle repair is a repair that
    exceeds the one-time repair limit (OTRL).