Z1P051 Volume 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (210) If the thermal radiation curtain is closed and the flash divider curtain is not erected, the peephole cover must be
    in place
  • 2 . (214) The regulated portion of the CRU–120/P regulated connector (RC) reduces the emergency oxygen pressure and
    provides positive pressure breathing
  • 3 . (216) The individual harness adjustment straps are attached to the MBU–12/P oxygen mask with
    capped tee nuts and a self-locking screw
  • 4 . (217) The MBU–20/P oxygen mask provides for operations up to
  • 5 . (222) On the CWU–16/P, which pocket is the inflatable hood attached?
    right hand
  • 6 . (220) If needed during flight, where should the emergency passenger oxygen system (EPOS) placed on infants to protect them from smoke, fumes, or lack of oxygen?
  • 7 . (219) Which major component of protective breathing equipment (PBE) is powered by the oxygen generator and recirculates the breathing gas within the system loop?
    Venture “pumping” arrangement
  • 8 . (212) What color are low-pressure oxygen cylinders?
  • 9 . (222) How many sizes do the CWU–86/P and CWU–87/P flyer’s anti-exposure coveralls come in for women?
  • 10 . (206) What wattage light bulb is used for a night vision goggle (NVG) test lane?