Z1P051 Volume 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . (215) The CRU–122/P is qualified for flights up to a maximum altitude of how many feet?
  • 2 . (206) Which solution may be used to clean night vision goggles?
    Isopropyl alcohol
  • 3 . (216) The individual harness adjustment straps are attached to the MBU–12/P oxygen mask with
    capped tee nuts and a self-locking screw
  • 4 . (220) Approximately, how long can a passenger, weighing 154 lbs., expect to receive respiratory protection while at light to moderate activity?
    20 minutes
  • 5 . (201) The basic HGU–55/P helmet shell incorporates the leather edge roll and lens stops to aid in retention of lightweight visors and
    prevents scarring of the helmet surface
  • 6 . (206) What wattage light bulb is used for a night vision goggle (NVG) test lane?
  • 7 . (207) How many degrees horizontal is the field of view (FOV) for AN/AVS–10(V) panoramic night vision goggles (PNVG)?
  • 8 . (210) If the thermal radiation curtain is closed and the flash divider curtain is not erected, the peephole cover must be
    in place
  • 9 . (207) Which assembly, of the panoramic night vision goggle (PNVG), houses the adjustment mechanisms for interpupillary distance adjustments (IPD), fore and aft adjustments, and the tilt adjustment mechanism?
  • 10 . (220) The entire donning and activation sequence should take less than
    15 seconds