2W171 Edit Code 6 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is Z2W171 01 1504, Edit Code 06

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  • 1 . Which type of commander appoints impoundment officials?
  • 2 . Which electrostatic sensitive device (ESD) level is not a classification of damage?
    Human error failure
  • 3 . What constitutes the recurring annual training requirement for dual loading operations (DLO)?
    Academic training only
  • 4 . Which inspection must be accomplished after each flight when a turnaround sortie is scheduled?
  • 5 . Within how many days from initial notification of the trainee’s failure must the unit commander with help from the unit or base training manager, interview the supervisor and trainee to determine the reason for the failure and take corrective action?
  • 6 . Which computer-generated detail is used at base level by both supply and the maintenance activities to keep track of repair cycle assets?
    Due-in-from-maintenance (DIFM)
  • 7 . Which AF IMT form is completed to deviate from the original flying schedule?
  • 8 . What are the two categories for nuclear ordnance commodity management (NOCM) materials?
    Equipment and expendables
  • 9 . What is the official document developed by your major command (MAJCOM) that show the base-by-base munitions or tanks racks and pylons (TRAP) requirements?
    War consumable distribution objective (WCDO)
  • 10 . Who is the weapons expediter directly responsible to for all armament systems maintenance and munitions loading operation?
    Weapons section non-commissioned officer in charge (NCOIC)