2W171 Edit Code 6 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is Z2W171 01 1504, Edit Code 06

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  • 1 . Which computer-generated detail is used at base level by both supply and the maintenance activities to keep track of repair cycle assets?
    Due-in-from-maintenance (DIFM)
  • 2 . What is one sure way you can undermine the supply system?
    Using the wrong priority when ordering parts
  • 3 . What document provides an all-inclusive tasking for aircraft and munitions?
    Air tasking order (ATO)
  • 4 . Who ensures adherence to safety program requirements are part of the measurement of non-supervisory personnel’s performance appraisal?
  • 5 . Which inspection is completed after the last flight of a specified flying period?
    Basic postflight
  • 6 . Which system addresses the requirements for air-to-surface and air-to-air conventional munitions, as well as aircraft fuel tanks, racks, adapters, and pylons (TRAP)?
    Non-nuclear consumables annual analysis (NCAA)
  • 7 . Which cable is not a radio frequency cable?
  • 8 . Who designs, develops, tests, approves, and standardizes equipment for Air Force use around munitions?
    Munitions material handling equipment (MMHE) focal point
  • 9 . What reference is used to properly configure and secure munitions trailers for towing?
    TO 11A–1–38
  • 10 . What are the usable dimensions of the 436L pallet?
    84" x 104"