2W171 Edit Code 6 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is Z2W171 01 1504, Edit Code 06

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  • 1 . What form is used to document serviceability inspections of locally manufactured equipment (LME)?
    AFTO Form 244
  • 2 . Which inspection includes end-of-firing day inspections on aircraft weapons stations that have expended munitions and/or aircraft gun systems?
    Basic postflight
  • 3 . What is the benchmark time for standard aircraft repairs?
    8 hours
  • 4 . Which inspection is completed after the last flight of a specified flying period?
    Basic postflight
  • 5 . Which form is published as a continuation form for Part 5 of the Air Force technical order (AFTO) Form 244, Industrial/Support Equipment Record?
    AFTO Form 245
  • 6 . After you receive an approval reply for your Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) IMT Form 22, Technical Manual Change Recommendation and Reply how may days do you have to submit an AF Form 1000, Idea Application?
  • 7 . Who ensures adherence to safety program requirements are part of the measurement of non-supervisory personnel’s performance appraisal?
  • 8 . Which Air Force item does not require nuclear certification?
    Test equipment used only to test, troubleshoot, and calibrate test equipment
  • 9 . Which cable is not a radio frequency cable?
  • 10 . Which document is sent to the gaining unit when transferring equipment such as missile launchers, bomb racks, and suspension utility units?
    AFTO IMT Form 95, Significant Historical Data Record or automated AFTO IMT Form 95