2T071 Vol. 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which block should you sign when in-checking items on a DD Form 1149?
  • 2 . Why would you use fiberboard for blocking and bracing?
    Prevent movement of disassembled parts
  • 3 . Which form is used to process outbound transportation protective service (TPS) material for movement?
    AF Form 4387
  • 4 . Which characteristic of cushioning is the time it takes the material to return to its original shape after compression?
    Rate of recovery
  • 5 . What publication do you use when preparing hazardous materials for movement by international vessel?
    International Maritime Organization Dangerous Goods Code
  • 6 . What major command creates and issues a Data Environment (IDE)/Global Transportation Network (GTN) Convergence (IGC) user account?
    United States Transportation Command.
  • 7 . What form is most commonly used to report transportation discrepancies?
    DD Form 361
  • 8 . What item lists by operation plan all unit type codes a wing is tasked to support and indicates times, movement data, and modes of transport?
    Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data
  • 9 . How many times a month is the Transportation Tracer Listing (TTL) provided to cargo movement for shipments requiring tracer action or receipt of information?
  • 10 . Which of the following is not one of the three elements used to make up a reject phrase?
    A descriptive flag