2T071 Vol. 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . When does the automated outbound cargo process begin?
    With electronic receipt of shipment information from the source activity.
  • 2 . How many times a month is the Transportation Tracer Listing (TTL) provided to cargo movement for shipments requiring tracer action or receipt of information?
  • 3 . What type of reaction takes place when you mix isocyanate and resin, the two components of foam-in-place packaging?
  • 4 . What pertinent information is required when scheduling a carrier to pick up a shipment.
    Cube of item only
  • 5 . What form is most commonly used to report transportation discrepancies?
    DD Form 361
  • 6 . What system is the most widely used method for determining an item’s identity?
    Federal logistics system (FEDLOG)
  • 7 . What is the name of the service provided by the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) to keep shippers and receivers informed on the location of loaded freight cars from origin to destination?
    Military Traffic Expediting Service
  • 8 . What is the first step in the lockout/tagout procedure?
    Immediately unplug the saw from the power source
  • 9 . Which transportation priority is assigned to a shipment that is non-air-eligible and is moving by military airlift deferred air freight from overseas to the United States?
  • 10 . Which type of cushioning material has the advantage of good performance in cold temperatures?
    Water-resistant cellulose cushioning