2T071 Vol. 2 Practice Test

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  • 1 . What system is the scheduled replacement for the Cargo Movements Operations System and will feed data to the Global Transportation Network?
    Transportation Coordinators Automated Information for Movement Systems Version II
  • 2 . What form is submitted to the local finance office, and then used to give you obligation authority?
    AF Form 616
  • 3 . What common document often lists a special packaging instruction (SPI) for items shipped?
    DD Form 1348–1A, Issue Release/Receipt Document
  • 4 . What form is used to accomplish a non-Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures shipment?
    DD Form 1149
  • 5 . What annotation is required when repetitive line items from the previous Transportation Tracer Listing (TTL) are discovered?
    “Previously Researched by the Cargo Movement Section.”
  • 6 . How are consolidated shipments identified on the Consolidated Shipment Error List?
    Lead Transportation Control Number (TCN)
  • 7 . Within how many days is the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) required response time for international route orders (IRO) of nonemergency shipments?
  • 8 . Which security risk category has the highest sensitivity?
  • 9 . What form is most commonly used to report transportation discrepancies?
    DD Form 361
  • 10 . What is the primary advantage of wooden boxes over fiberboard boxes?
    They are stronger