2S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which materiel management function maintains a consolidated suspense file for each Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) submitted by the Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS)?
    Stock control
  • 2 . Which stock leveling term identifies quantities required to be on hand to permit continuous operation due to minor interruptions of normal replenishment or unpredictable increases in demands?
    Safety level quantity
  • 3 . What is the maximum number of characters for the descriptive nomenclature field on the item record?
  • 4 . An automatic adjustment for a pilferable item occurs when the record balance does not agree with the recount quantity and the dollar value of the adjustment is no more than
  • 5 . Which management notice reflects the total base asset position of an item?
  • 6 . Which property is defined as materiel that requires a high degree of protection and control due to statutory requirements and regulations?
  • 7 . Which search screen in Web Federal Logistics Information System (WebFLIS) allows users to locate manufacturer names for the code entered?
  • 8 . How many different types of reports can be processed through the materiel management computer system?
  • 9 . After how many days are the Supply Interface System residue images deleted?
    10 days
  • 10 . Who will authorize Readiness Spares Package (RSP) for allocation to specific units/bases?