2S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which type of mobility bag (MOBAG) contains cold weather equipment?
  • 2 . What information needs to be aggressively monitored and updated on a mission capability (MICAP) requirement?
  • 3 . What automated system was developed to improve the process of tracking assets through base level materiel management channels, to reduce the amount of paper produced and stored in the warehouse, to allow bar code scanning of data to reduce data entry errors, and speed data in the Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS)?
    Asset Management
  • 4 . What logistics readiness squadron (LRS) flight provides centralized command and control, planning, and execution of all wing deployment operations and the distribution of cargo, passengers, and personal property?
    Deployment and Distribution
  • 5 . Which functional area does Defense Logistics Manual (DLM) 4000.25, Defense Logistics Management System Manual, not pertain to?
  • 6 . Which specialized center will be the hub for the integration and management of maintenance/supply chain capabilities?
    Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC)
  • 7 . Where will equipment requests be forwarded after being reviewed and validated by the equipment accountability element (EAE)?
    AFMC SCM-R Equipment Activity
  • 8 . What is used when selecting key information for monitoring performance measures?
    Management indicators
  • 9 . What transaction identifier code and activity are used to process an electronic sensitive device item from the item record to maintenance for testing?
    ISU, C
  • 10 . Who is responsible for the health of assigned items to meet mission requirements?
    Item manager