2S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Where will processed returns for unserviceable and condemned assets be transferred to?
  • 2 . What analysis method do you use most often to satisfy a one-time requirement or solve a specific problem?
    Special studies
  • 3 . Who does the source of supply (SOS) owe an item to when a due-in detail is established after being requisitioned?
    Requisitioning activity
  • 4 . Which code identifies the order in which items within interchangeability and substitution (I&S) grouping are substituted or issued?
    Order of use
  • 5 . Who is responsible for transferring precious metals-bearing metals to the nearest Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DLADS) facility?
    DOD activity
  • 6 . What do you do with the prefilled data on an automated reverse-post (RVP) input?
    Screen for accuracy and input it
  • 7 . Which transaction identification code (TRIC) identifies a warehouse change document for an indicative data change?
  • 8 . What are two types of open storage areas?
    Improved and unimproved
  • 9 . Which redistribution results when local management decides to force shipment and/or redistribution of base operation stocks?
  • 10 . What Transaction Identifier Code (TRIC) is processed when the on hand quantity is les than authorized quantity after a supply point reconciliation?