Z2G051 Vol 1 EC 09 Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is Z2G051, 01, 1607, Edit Code 09

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  • 1 . 71. (031) What is not a reason a unit would request support?
    A commander decides to duplicate functions
  • 2 . 63. (025) Who must document war reserve materiels (WRM) movement requirements in the expeditionary site plan (ESP)?
    Storing unit.
  • 3 . Which log plans program is one of the biggest reimbursement generators for a base?
    Support agreements
  • 4 . 12. (004) What must craftsman complete to be awarded a 7-skill level?
    7-skill level CDC and 7-skill level core tasks.
  • 5 . 32. (008) The basic volume of the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP) details planning guidance, force apportionment guidance,
    assumptions, constraints, and tasks
  • 6 . 50. (017) Who are the functional experts for their respective areas and are essential to the war reserve materiel (WRM) program?
    Unit WRM managers.
  • 7 . 44. (013) What type of order is used to prepare forces to deploy or deploy forces without approving the execution of a plan or operations order (OPORD)?
  • 8 . 39. (011) What type of planning is the cornerstone of the peacetime planning process?
  • 9 . 21. (006) Which agency is the senior war-fighting echelon of the US Air Force?
    Numbered Air Force (NAF)
  • 10 . 34. (009) What type of plan is a written description of the combatant commander’s concept of operations to counter a perceived threat?