2T171 EC 04 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 43. (026) Who is in charge and has the responsibility of planning, preparing, and executing convoy operations?
    Convoy commander
  • 2 . 45. (027) Within how many days after an active duty member’s assignment must an initial evaluation be conducted?
  • 3 . 11. (007) In general, after identifying the tasks, what is the next step in creating an operating instruction (OI)?
    Identify references
  • 4 . 52. (030) What Air Force Instruction (AFI) explains the Air Force Occupational Safety and Health (AFOSH) Program?
    AFI 91–203
  • 5 . 17. (009) What desired attributes does a quality assurance surveillance plan (QASP) bring to the contracting environment?
    Expertise in the service being inspected and common sense
  • 6 . 31. (017) Vehicle rank insignia plates are authorized for use on:
    GMVs only
  • 7 . 10. (007) At a minimum, how often are operating instructions (OI) required to be reviewed and updated?
  • 8 . 18. (010) When using the Wide Area Workflow-Receipts and Acceptance program (WAWF-RA) what is the next step after the contractor ships the goods or provides services?
    The receiving report is signed
  • 9 . 55. (031) What information do material safety data sheets (MSDS) provide?
    Detailed health and safety information and precautions for handling hazardous substances, including emergency and first aid procedures
  • 10 . 19. (011) Personnel are far more willing to follow a leader who is willing and prepared to do the task themselves, describes which commonsense approach?
    Be the example