2T171 EC 04 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 17. (009) What desired attributes does a quality assurance surveillance plan (QASP) bring to the contracting environment?
    Expertise in the service being inspected and common sense
  • 2 . 47. (027) Which proficiency code category level is the scale value of lower case ―a‖, ―b‖, or ―c‖?
    Task knowledge
  • 3 . 54. (030) What are the six step procedures of lockout-tagout (LOTO)?
    Preparation for shutdown, shut down the equipment, isolate the equipment, apply lockout/tagout devices, control stored energy, verify isolation of equipment
  • 4 . 29. (016) What does Equipment Support control?
    Vehicle Operations parking area, vehicle cleaning facilities, and manages equipment functions
  • 5 . What happens when you apply more pressure when the brakes are ―fading‖?
    The brakes are not working and the vehicle will not be able to slow or stop
  • 6 . 37. (021) What is the primary source of guidance and management for support agreements?
    AFI 24–201
  • 7 . Who is responsible for ensuring assigned personnel are core task qualified and prepared to meet home-station, contingency, deployment, and combat service support mission requirements?
    Noncommissioned officer-in-charge (NCOIC), VOCC Support.
  • 8 . 44. (026) Who is responsible for navigation, speed and interval of the convoy?
    Lead vehicle commander
  • 9 . 51. (029) A new trainee is operating a forklift. It took a while, but he was able to move the material to the new location. As the trainer, what should you do next?
    Encourage the trainee through feedback
  • 10 . 56. (032) When loading, how do you reduce the risk of a vehicle rollover?
    Load the largest items on the bottom