2T171 EC 04 Practice Test

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  • 1 . 43. (026) Who is in charge and has the responsibility of planning, preparing, and executing convoy operations?
    Convoy commander
  • 2 . 20. (012) In the Air Force Manpower Program, what does a functional account code (FAC) identify?
    Work center
  • 3 . 24. (013) Data collected for workload data collection reports must be gathered over a period of at least how many consecutive days?
  • 4 . 59. (033) What Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requirements must military units moving hazardous materials (HAZMAT) on public highways comply with?
    49 CFR.
  • 5 . What happens when you apply more pressure when the brakes are ―fading‖?
    The brakes are not working and the vehicle will not be able to slow or stop
  • 6 . 32. (017) Who is authorized vehicle insignia plates on government motor vehicles (GMV)?
    Group level Air Force commanders or above
  • 7 . What is the ability to maintain and prolong combat support to all users throughout the theater for the duration of the operation?
    Sustaining the force
  • 8 . 25. (014) Once it has been received, a completed vehicle investigation report must be forwarded within a minimum of how many days to the logistics readiness squadron (LRS) commander?
  • 9 . 33. (018) What are the three levels of financial responsibilities within Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS)?
    Resource advisor, cost center, responsibility center
  • 10 . 21. (012) In the Air Force Manpower Program, what is the man-hour availability factor regarding the number of man-hours per month an assigned individual is available to do primary duties?