2AX7XN Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2AX7X 01 1201, Edit Code 05 and 2AX7X 02 1110, Edit Code 05

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  • 1 . In regards to the modification management program, which agency serves as the operator's interface with the single point manager for a weapons system?
    Lead command
  • 2 . The Aircraft section is split into two separate sections when an Aircraft Maintenance Unit's number of mission assigned aircraft is more than
  • 3 . Who is the office of primary responsibility (OPR) for development of wing procedures for control and management of tools/equipment used on the flight line and in aerospace maintenance industrial areas?
    Maintenance Group Commander (MXG/CC)
  • 4 . What Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Team (MSET) individual assessment is performed after a technician completes a task?
    Quality Verification Inspection
  • 5 . Which urgency justification codes (UJCs) are used to show a supply request for bits and pieces to repair a line replaceable unit (LRU) or shop replaceable unit (SRU) spare?
    AR or BR
  • 6 . Who has the overall responsibility for AF policy governing the TO system?
  • 7 . What does the Debrief section use to help identify fault codes to aid maintainers in aircraft troubleshooting?
    Fault Reporting manuals
  • 8 . Who is responsible for establishing a crashed, damaged, or disabled aircraft recovery program?
    Wing commander
  • 9 . Which of the following is not normally a Maintenance Supply Liaison duty?
    Collecting and turning in expendable, excess, and surplus precious metal bearing assets
  • 10 . Who is responsible for chairing the daily maintenance production/scheduling meeting with representatives from throughout the maintenance group (MXG)?
    MXG deputy commander