2AX7XN Practice Test

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  • 1 . Which maintenance repair priority is designated only for aircraft that are on alert status or aircraft that are supporting the war plan or national emergency missions?
  • 2 . What form is used to document all report of surveys (ROS)?
    DD Form 200, Financial Liability, Investigation of Property Loss
  • 3 . In the Training Business Area (TBA), what type of notification does the "System Messages" board provide in addition to software releases, projected downtimes, and training update information?
    Application problems
  • 4 . Who in the maintenance group (MXG) is responsible for ensuring the capability exists to meet local manufacture requirements?
    Maintenance Squadron (MXS) Operations Officer/Maintenance Superintendent (MX SUPT)
  • 5 . A dropped object that has resulted in casualties or property damage must be reported IAW
    AFI 10-206, Operational Reporting
  • 6 . Once a Category I deficiency is discovered, a deficiency report (DR) must be submitted to the Screening Point within
    24 hours
  • 7 . Which AF publication provides general guidance for executing an effective maintenance recovery operation?
    AFI 21-101, Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management
  • 8 . Which Fabrication Flight section's processes are tightly controlled because the parts and tools they manufacture must meet the stringent standards of aerospace-grade equipment?
    Metals Technology
  • 9 . Which of the following is not an obvious sign of pollution?
    Cloudy water
  • 10 . Which Maintenance Group agency provides technical assistance for Deficiency Reports to work center supervisors?
    Quality Assurance