2AX7XN Practice Test

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The version of this CDC we have in the database is 2AX7X 01 1201, Edit Code 05 and 2AX7X 02 1110, Edit Code 05

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  • 1 . Which Precious Metals Indicator Code (PMIC) indicates that an item of supply contains a combination of two or more precious metals?
  • 2 . When a unit has received an unsatisfactory Maintenance Standardization and Evaluation Team (MSET) rating, the maintenance group commander (MXG/CC) directs Quality Assurance (QA) to perform a follow-up inspection on the unit within how many days?
  • 3 . What do you call wing-level maintenance facilities providing intermediate-level maintenance repair support for multiple Air Force units within a particular theater of operations?
    Centralized Repair Facilities
  • 4 . An individual comes due for a training recertification while TDY, on leave, or incapacitated. Provided it has not been more than 60 days since the original due date, how many days are allowed after returning before decertification is required?
  • 5 . Which technicians maintain aircraft bleed air, vacuum, pneumatic, fire suppression, and oxygen systems, including removing and replacing associated system components?
    Electro-environmental specialists
  • 6 . The Maintenance Operations Center is responsible for the overall management of which Integrated Maintenance Data System-Central Database (IMDS-CDB) subsystem?
  • 7 . Which is not normally a Maintenance Group (MXG) technical order distribution office (TODO) duty?
    Establishing technical order distribution account (TODA) sub-accounts as required
  • 8 . Once a Category I deficiency is discovered, a deficiency report (DR) must be submitted to the Screening Point within
    24 hours
  • 9 . What form is used to document all report of surveys (ROS)?
    DD Form 200, Financial Liability, Investigation of Property Loss
  • 10 . The Wing foreign object damage (FOD) monitor is normally located within the
    Quality Assurance section