1S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . Who advises the pilot when to abandon an aircraft during emergency hot pit refueling procedures?
    Fire department
  • 2 . What type of fuel storage tanks are used to store gasoline at base service stations?
  • 3 . What program ensures workers receive initial training on proper use and handling of chemicals?
    Hazardous communication
  • 4 . If hazardous atmosphere is identified in a confined space, what action may be taken in attempt to clear the hazard?
    Forced air ventilation
  • 5 . Who has the responsibility for policing up the area after the aircraft has taxied?
    Ground controller
  • 6 . When flexible high-pressure lines are used around missile systems, they must be
    secured to prevent whipping
  • 7 . How many parts does a privileged formal safety report contain?
  • 8 . Which hazard is commonly associated with a transverse motion?
    The worker may be struck or caught in a pinch by the moving part
  • 9 . What role does HAZMART play in the installation hazardous management program (IHMP)?
    Issues government-owned HAZMAT
  • 10 . Who conducts initial and annual laser safety training?
    Unit safety officer