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  • 1 . Which of the following does not describe the supplied-air respirator?
    Can be used in an immediately dangerous to health and life (IDLH) atmosphere
  • 2 . Which step of the risk management (RM) process describes risks as being more easily assessed and managed in the planning stages of an operation?
    Integrate RM into Air Force doctrine and planning
  • 3 . Temporary measures taken to reduce the degree of risk associated with an occupational hazard or deficiency pending completion of an abatement program are called
    interim control measures
  • 4 . What is the minimum amount of hazardous chemicals a medical laboratory is allowed to store?
    A week’s supply or the smallest unit stock listed container
  • 5 . Mishaps involving injuries that occur during participation in some form of duty-related athletic or recreational sport activity is categorized as
    ground and industrial—sports and recreation
  • 6 . What type of underground fuel storage tank is typically used in overseas locations?
  • 7 . Which forms may be used to post notices of hazards in a workplace?
    AF Form 979, Danger Tag, and AF Form 1118, Notice of Hazard
  • 8 . It is hard to maintain an effective ground for portable electric equipment because
    the equipment moves a lot
  • 9 . If you encounter an imminent danger situation you should immediately notify
    your supervisor
  • 10 . What is not an authorized way to ship or move explosives?
    Private vehicle