1S051 Practice Test

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  • 1 . On an outrigger scaffold, planking must be laid tight and extended
    to within three inches of the building wall
  • 2 . Identify the gas contents of the pipelines by labels that are legible from
    20 feet
  • 3 . Which guard will not allow a machine to start until the guard is in its proper place?
  • 4 . The office of primary responsibility (OPR) for a hazard report (HR) must return the report to the safety office with action annotated within how many work days?
  • 5 . Which individual is not a mandatory member of a formal hospital safety committee?
    Host safety staff
  • 6 . What unit of measurement is used to measure electrical pressure, potential, or electromotive force?
  • 7 . The goals of risk management (RM) include all of the following except
    accepting risks at the appropriate level to preserve mission accomplishment
  • 8 . In addition to the unit commander, send a copy of a tenant unit’s annual inspection report to the
    unit’s parent safety office
  • 9 . Which inspection is conducted to check the day-to-day safety and health of an organization?
  • 10 . What type of protection is mandatory when playing racquetball?
    Eye protection only