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  • 1 . When forging a workpiece, you should strike the final blows when the temperature reaches
    1,300 °F
  • 2 . One advantage the oxyacetylene equal-pressure welding torch has over the low-pressure welding torch is the equal-pressure torch
    is less susceptible to flashbacks
  • 3 . The standard Rockwell hardness tester measures
    depth of penetration
  • 4 . When using a belt sander, you prevent sharp corners from tearing the belt by
    bringing them into contact with the belt lightly
  • 5 . What is the primary protective item used while welding?
    Welding helmet
  • 6 . To prevent hot spots when heat treating aluminum alloys, you should use
    a circulating air furnace
  • 7 . What is the purpose of the flexible air line located on the head of the contour machine?
    Keep layout lines free from chips
  • 8 . To keep a plain bearing from binding when you press it into a hole, ensure
    there is a chamfer on the bearing and the hole
  • 9 . What tool can you use if you find the vernier caliper too awkward to handle while trying to take a measurement?
    Telescoping gage
  • 10 . One rule to remember is to dimension drawings so that they all read from the