2A751 Practice Test

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  • 1 . The purpose of an engineer’s or architect’s scale is to
    reduce or enlarge drawings based on the scale
  • 2 . If you have to remove a broken plug, which method should you try first?
    An extractor
  • 3 . If T is the thickness of the base metal, what should be the measurement of the legs on a lap joint?
    Upper leg should be 1T; lower leg should be 1½T
  • 4 . During a thermal treatment operation, which furnace component helps keep parts from overheating and provides uniform heating?
    Grid rack
  • 5 . When drilling a screw out of a nutplate, it’s difficult to keep the drill on center because
    nutplates float or move around in their brackets
  • 6 . The advantage of using a negative-rake carbide insert over a positive-rake insert is
    twice as many cutting edges are available
  • 7 . The set of a saw band is the
    total amount the teeth are offset
  • 8 . When you use an adjustable wrench, always turn the wrench so the pressure is against
    the solid jaw for strength
  • 9 . What is the purpose of the flexible air line located on the head of the contour machine?
    Keep layout lines free from chips
  • 10 . Cemented carbide tools are tough and ideal for rough heavy cuts and contain higher amounts of