2AX5X Practice Test

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  • 1 . What capacitance-type, fuel-indicating system component allows for changes in fuel density?
  • 2 . What is the maximum towing speed of the FL-1D floodlight on smooth surfaces?
    20 mph.
  • 3 . What controls the action of the outflow valve in a fixed-isobaric, single-differential pressurization system?
    Regulating control chamber pressure.
  • 4 . In a dual-impeller fuel pump what prevents foreign objects from holding the bypass valve open?
    An inlet screen.
  • 5 . When pressure in a hydraulic system with a variable-volume pump increases, the fluid-flow
  • 6 . A centrifugal-type aircraft fuel pump may be used
    for boost, transfer, or air refueling operations.
  • 7 . What unit is capable of providing AC and DC electrical power, in addition to pneumatic power, for ground maintenance?
  • 8 . The C-10 air conditioner is capable of delivering conditioned air in a range from
    47 to 200 °F.
  • 9 . Which caliper is joined by a strong spring hinge, screw, and adjustment nut?
    Spring-joint calipers.
  • 10 . The MB-4 Coleman incorporates
    four-wheel steering, four-wheel drive.