2AX5X Practice Test

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  • 1 . When cleaning aircraft wheels, you should not use
    a wire brush.
  • 2 . The purpose of the torsion links on a main landing gear is to
    prevent the inner cylinder from rotating within the outer cylinder.
  • 3 . A centrifugal-type aircraft fuel pump may be used
    for boost, transfer, or air refueling operations.
  • 4 . The purpose of a standpipe in a reservoir is to
    reserve fluid for the emergency pump.
  • 5 . Which medical concept forms the basis of ABDR assessment philosophy?
  • 6 . What jet engine oil pump consists of a gear and rotor within a housing?
  • 7 . The TBA provides Air Force personnel with global, real-time
    visibility of personnel technical qualifications, certifications, and training statuses.
  • 8 . The TH inspection is normally performed
    after flights when a turn-around sortie or continuation flight is scheduled.
  • 9 . The exhaust duct connects the turbine outlet and the
    jet nozzle.
  • 10 . On straightaways the maximum towing speed for the Model 3000 engine trailer is
    20 mph.