2AX5X Practice Test

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  • 1 . What affects radiation hazards?
    Strength of emission, time of exposure, and weather.
  • 2 . Which personnel are allowed to remove safety devices from explosive devices?
    only weapons personnel
  • 3 . On an aircraft liquid oxygen (LOX) system, the handle on a manually operated buildup and vent valve is designed to prevent
    the filler access door from closing in the vent position.
  • 4 . The MB-4 Coleman incorporates
    four-wheel steering, four-wheel drive.
  • 5 . The force that acts upward at a right angle to the direction of the relative wind is
  • 6 . Which form is used to issue an item of equipment for short, specified periods?
    AF IMT 1297.
  • 7 . What type of bearings are used on aircraft wheels?
    Tapered roller.
  • 8 . Atmospheric pressure at sea level is
    14.7 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • 9 . Turbulence affects fluid-flow in a hydraulic line by
    creating resistance and loss of energy.
  • 10 . What is the purpose of solvents?
    dissolve oily and greasy soils so they can be easily wiped away or absorbed on a cloth